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Support the Arts Foundation


Who we are:

The Fundación Apoyo el Arte® (Art Support Foundation) is a nonprofit organization created by painter Zoltán with the main purpose of achieving greater diffusion of contemporary art. Another great aspiration is to contribute to the teaching and awareness of society in this regard. Fundación Apoyo al Arte® was incorporated on November 24, 2006 and recognized on March 23, 2007 as Private Cultural Foundation by order of the Spanish Ministry of Culture.


Our philosophy:

The Fundación Apoyo el Arte® philosophy is based on the love of contemporary art, of today’s art. The main reason for its creation was the desire to communicate and share this love with the public.
The Fundación Apoyo el Arte® wants to become a symbol of pure and quality art, born from love.


Why is our work needed?:

Art, according to studies and statistics on the knowledge and acceptance of contemporary art, is a XXI century society’s activity on which citizens have little information.
This misinformation leads to a decrease of interest in arts. In general, the reaction of people when assessing a work of art points insecurity and confusion.
Few people have the pleasure and opportunity to learn, understand and live daily with the current art.
However, it is unusual that general public itself demands an approach to art. This reality is reflected in any socio-cultural sphere.
Ultimately, this lack causes a general disinterest, reflected dramatically in the lack of support for the arts by the business world and also the limited patronage.


Our solution:

The Fundación Apoyo el Arte®, aware of this socio-cultural lack, wants to step forward innovatively. First, implementing new approaches with different schemes to make the art appear as usual in our daily lives.
Secondly, using simple tools of communication that can be more effective.
Third, using a method that is based on direct message without mystification of contemporary art. In short, showing the artistic creations as everyday objects, so that they become original and amazing products. Thus, without very specific explanations, encouraging the public to receive and interpret the art freely.


Our goals:

On the one hand, we seek the attention, understanding and knowledge of today’s visual arts from the public and patrons. Another concern is to promote and implement national and international educational and cultural activities.
The aim is promoting awareness of current visual arts. This way we generate more interest, awareness and participation of society in the development and promotion of contemporary artists.
We also want to create a bridge between the dream of the artist and a receptive audience. Finally, we want to incorporate companies with artistic sensibility in this work, as partners.


Our method:

The Fundación Apoyo el Arte®, with its strategy to popularize contemporary art, wants to present a more direct, bold and unusual way. His psychology is based on the rapid introduction of art into daily life, in any medium, without boring scientific or theoretical explanations. This way we get art naturally and understandably internalized by all audiences.


Get in touch with our collaborators:

The Fundación Apoyo el Arte® invites individuals and legal entities to participate in this project.
The Fundación Apoyo el Arte® creates the link between art and artists, the public and private persons or patron companies.
The Fundación Apoyo el Arte®, together with its partners, creates the Foundation products based on provided artwork. Also involved in organizing cultural events (exhibitions, art projects, and so forth).
The Fundación Apoyo el Arte® offers its employees the possibility to communicate with their audience through art -even professionally- and thereby obtain a more humane and innovative appearance.
The Fundación Apoyo el Arte® helps people and businesses to recognize that the message of contemporary art is compatible with their professional activity and that the combination leads to a higher profit.
Contributors, with their support, help the diffusion and popularization of art, achieving recognition in society, with a positive connotation of communication with their clients or audience.


Our activities:

The Fundación Apoyo el Arte® will represent 20 to 30 contemporary artists per year, helping them to develop their activities, organizing exhibitions, making possible any custom work, publishing books and catalogs, contacting with the media, organizing seminars and courses, publishing articles on the presence of art in everyday life, establishing own awards for art in all forms, contacting with institutions and companies together to develop artistic activities, participating in various cultural and social events, collaborating with other foundations and seeking opportunities to collaborate with other associations of culture such as theater, cinema, music, literature, etc.



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Tel: 00-34-608-116710

Hungary delegation:

1062 Budapest, Bajza utca 23 – Hungary
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